About me

My name is Dominika. Born in Poland but I lived in Greece for 20 years. It was quite a journey. As I enter another chapter of my life I thought sharing it would be a good idea. Part III of this journey is me moving to Berlin. It all started when Mr G., my co-traveller in life ♥ was offered a job here. It looked very promising and a lot of fun too. The sad thing of course was living behind our families, friends and everyday life as we knew it. But Berlin is such a beautiful city and we hope we can make our new home here.

Graphic designer in profession, but at the moment I'm in the processes of making a living out of my hobby, which is crafting . I'm managing 2 online stores. PanicaLab and HappyMonstersLand

I hope I can share with you both, the things I create and our everyday life.

Thank you for stopping by. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.  

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  1. I really like your blog! I love it! Well done :)


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