Monday, November 28, 2011

Renew Fabrics

Once I got here, I was eager to start exploring all the fabric stores Berlin has to offer. Sadly I realized how expensive it is to get a nice fabric here. You can find a large variety of beautiful cottons, but the prices start from 15 Euros per meter and climb up to 30 E/m. Way expansive for my bugget. There are a few more stores I haven't had the chance to visit yet, so fingers crossed I'll have better luck there.

Until then, while searching the net for more fabric stores available here, I came upon Elisabetta and her RenewFabrics project. As the artist describes it "RenewFabrics is about textiles, crafts, screen-printing, culture, understanding and an open mind!". I really like the idea and Elisabetta's works.

Few of her fabrics

and some goodies made with them

Nice right? You can read all about Elisabetta's philosophy and be sure to check out her shop. Read more about RenewFabrics on her blog. There are even going to be Workshops on screen-printing. Very excited about that!!

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