Thursday, February 16, 2012

A walk and a surprise

Since yesterday we're staying in a different temporary apartment. One that is much cheaper than the previous one and a lot more cosy. It's a tiny one room apartment, centrally located, close to the Märkisches Museum.

Today I have a day off school and I supposed to be studying. I'm behind with the vocabulary and some other stuff. But I couldn't concentrate at all. It's a sunny and rather warm day so I decided to go for a walk instead. I haven't seen this area of Berlin yet, so it was a good opportunity to do so.

Pretty arctic scenery :)

After wondering around for about an hour, taking pictures and admiring the scenery with many amazing buildings, it was time to grab something to eat. Just as this thought came to my mind I found myself next to a little sushi place wich looked very nice. And it was a happy hour too so everything was half price!! My favorite combo :)


On my way back I passed through the park which surrounds the Märkisches Museum.

To a great surprise, within the park, I found myself face to face with a huge bear. A real live bear! She was kind enough and posed for me just for a moment though. A true lady!

Isn't she beautiful?

When I saw the bear I was amazed. So I just stood there and watched her for a little while. And what I saw made me very sad. The bear was by herself, on this small (for her size) piece of land. She just walked around from one side of the wall and back. There was a small building behind her, I guess it's where they keep her for the night, but the door was locked and she couldn't go inside. I felt really bad for this amazing animal being kept there like that. Once I came home I tried to find more informations about her and I found this. So apparently, there suppose to be two of them. I only saw this one.

Anyway, I know people here love animals, and the bear looked like she is being taken good care of. She was beautiful. I just don't like the way she is being kept and how lonely she looked...  


  1. I too feel sad for animals in captivity...they look so trapped!
    Great post!

    1. Me too! And the way she was looking at me... :(

  2. I lived in that area too, it is a very convenient location!! I never saw the bear though, and I am glad I didn't I would have been too sad! Even if there's two of them, the place is sooo small! Pour things :(

    1. It's better that you didn't see the bear. The poor thing was just going from one place to the other... No point...

  3. Being the optimist i am i just ensured myself that the bear was rescued from maybe a circus or something and since she/he could not live in the wild again they decided to place her/him there. And that Kirin Beer on the background seems more interesting than the soy sauce :)


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