Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Organizing my fabric stash

The Easter holiday is over and everything is back to normal. It was nice having Mr. G around for 4 whole days. Many things got done over the last few days and the new apartment is turning slowly slowly to a home. On the furniture side 2 closets, 2 bedside tables, a tv-thing and a shelf unit for the craft room were assembled. I won't lie I did not do much of the assembling. Three boxes are still unopened but I can't make myself to open them up. I just can't stand any more boxes, so for the moment I pretend not to see them.

I did cleaned the craft room. Everything is tight up. The question was where would I put my fabrics. I was considering getting a closet but I couldn't find something that I really liked and of course in the budget I had. So after searching and measuring, more searching and more measuring I decided to go with a shelf unit from IKEA.


It has just the right height and depth for my purpose. I wanted it to fit under the stairs of the build in bed. It's a kind of a blind spot which can't be easily used for something else. Fitting the unit there leaves me all the space to move. It even creates a hidden storage space behind it.

I didn't like the unit as it was though, so I transformed it a little. It's a half DIY fabric closet. A few months ago I bought a couple of curtains from a second hand store. They are IKEA and never been used. They were brand new, with the tags still attached and all. At that time I wasn't sure what would I make with them, but I'm glad I got them because they gave me the whole idea on how to solve my problem.

Open curtains

Closed curtains

Aren't they cute? They were the right length too, just ready to be hanged. I'm very happy with the result. The best part is that all of this costed less than 30 Euro! yaaaay!!

Organizing the fabric itself was an entirely different thing. I had big plans for it. Sommer fabrics, winter fabrics, I wanted to measure everything, take notes so I'd know how much of everything there is. But after an hour just folding I left the plans go... Who am I kidding. I'm neither that motivated nor organized to do something like that. In the end I'm happy that everything is nicely folded and in such a way so I can see what I have in my stash. I do work better when everything is in place and out of my way, but that's it. So here it is.

I guess I won't be buying new fabrics for a while...


  1. Hey there its Natalie from he party at Erika's. let get together email me at Natalie@montgomeryhouse.net
    I just started sewing and can't wait to find some cool fabrics!

  2. Oh, I'm quite envious of all that fabric. I'm curious to see what you'll make out of it.

    1. You have shared the infromation regarding organizing the fabric stash. It is very useful post


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