Friday, March 8, 2013

Craving the sun

We're back to the usual here in Berlin. Cold, rain, even some snow. Last weekend though was completely different. Warm and sunny and I really hoped it would last.

On Tuesday my friend Erika and I decided to take advantage of the sun. We met for lunch and a quick walk at the park. We went to a nice italian place and enjoyed some very tasty pizzas.

Say hi to Erika!
Look how nice she organized her pizza leftovers :)
They are even sort by color too! Super cute!
This is what I had. Yummy :)

After our lunch we went to a nearby park.

I really like when we meet. Even if it's only for a quick lunch. We don't know each other that long but somehow our conversations are always long and meaningful. It's good to have that...

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  1. I'm craving for the sun too!!!!! It's so grey and dark here at the moment... We had sun last week too, and I'm really really longing for spring now! You know... here in the North of Italy weather is not much different from Berlin hahaha! :D
    It's good to have lovely friends! *hi Erika*
    Yummy pizzas you had! :)
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! Have a lovely (and hopefully sunny) weekend! xo


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