Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knitting group love

For the past two years, every last Tuesday of each month, there is a knitting meeting in Athens. People sharing the same passion come together and knit while having a nice cup of coffee. We discuss different techniques, yarn, future projects and display the already done ones. I really enjoyed those gatherings. Over those years I've met some wonderful girls and miss them all very much.

Having that in mind, it was only natural for me to look for a knitting group in Berlin. As I discovered there’re several of them here. The one I like the most is at a knitting store called Bouclé + Café. What can be better than that! Having a coffee and homemade cookies with fellow knitters, surrounded by beautiful yarns, needles, magazines, notions and many samples of knitted projects. It’s such an inspiring place.

The owner of Bouclé + Café is Gabi. A talented knitter herself who is always ready to help. Either with choosing the right yarn for your next project, or to follow instructions of a pattern that you might not understand.

I prefer those meetings mostly for their atmosphere. It’s so warm and cozy. All the women there are very kind, friendly, funny and easy to talk to. Every time I leave Gabi’s place I feel refreshed and happy.

So if you’re in Berlin and find yourself in a mood for company of fellow knitters, I would really suggest Gabi and her great store. And while you're there, don't forget to try her homemade cookies!


  1. I think it's the most dangerous place to have a knitting group! I rarely leave there without spending money on yarn. *grin*

  2. Hope my english is well enough to spend my next time in Berlin with you all! :-) The meetings are every tuesday, am I right with that? Then I'll come in two weeks perhaps!

    1. Hello Ela!! Willkommen! :)
      Everyone (part me that is) speaks German so you'll be fine.
      The meetings are every Tuesday so come by!!! We'll be happy to meet you!

  3. Dominika you are sooo sweet and my mom is very happy about the cookie compliment ;-)
    She tried some new ones and I like them a lot.

    Ela, don't worry. All will be fine.
    I'm looking forward to see you soon.

    And Bri, be carefull some of the very sticky skeins are about to come soon :o

    Hugs Gabi

  4. We miss you to Domenika! A lot!


    1. I miss you guys so much!!
      Please, give my love love to everyone!!!

    2. Sorry that you miss her, but we are very happy that Dominika is in our group now.
      Greetings Anuschka


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