Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy Sunday

For me Sundays are the ultimate lazy days. On Saturday you're still under the week's rush, but on Sunday I feel like everything slows down and one can really relax. What can be better than doing just that in a lovely, quiet place. With a good cup of coffee and a nice breakfast. Surrounded by books, flowers and a peaceful atmosphere. 

Yesterday Mr G. and I spent our day in a place like that. It wasn't intended or planned. We went to a house viewing and the agent informed us that there were more houses to be seen on this day if we were interested. Since the one we had just seen wasn't good, we agreed. The only issue was that the next viewing was at 3 o'clock. So we found ourselves with 3 hours to kill. Going home wasn't a good idea since the next apartment wasn't that far from where we were. We decided to have a coffee and pass the time in this nice cafe that we spotted on our way.

Inside the coffee place was nicely decorated. With a "glance to the past" furniture, candles or flowers on the tables and full of books. Having all this I knew that those three hours would pass really nice. To my surprise among all those books was a copy of M. Connelly's "The Black Echo" which as it happens I'm listening to for the past few days. Therefore I just picked it up from where I had left it. That was so cool! Of course after reading a few pages I needed to have this book, so I could continue it at home. I like audio books and how practical they can be when I knit or exercise, but for me there's no comparison to a printed copy and how it feels in my hands. As it turned out this was a BookCrossing place so the book came home with me! yaay!!! I can just return it when I'm finished or leave them another book. BookSrossing is the newest favorite thing of mine :)

Unfortunately the apartments that we viewed later on (2 of them in a total) were even worst than the first one. By then it was 4.30 in the afternoon, we were cold and starving so the last stop before going home was a lovely Indian restaurant. 

Beautiful decoration.

A yummy vegetable soup and some curry chicken made us forget about the bad apartments that we saw. I'll be visiting again both of those places discovered today for sure.

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