Friday, January 6, 2012

A trip to Poznan - Poland

Just after Christmas Mr. G had a few days off from work. Since we weren't going home for the Holidays, we decided to take a little trip. Just for 2 or 3 days. I think that the motherland was calling me because I wanted to go to Poland. Berlin is so close to the Polish border, so it was just a matter of which city we were going to visit. Because our trip was going to be a short one, we didn't want to lose many hours on the train. I wanted to go there by train. For reasons unknown to me, I find trains very exciting.

We chose Poznań. I have never been to Poznań and after an online search I decided that it would be fine for a short trip. It would be my second time to Poland, after many many years. We left early in the morning and after 3 hours we were there. The train wasn't thaaaat fast.

Our hotel was very pretty. It was renovated and beautifully furnished. It smelled of wood cleanliness and renovation :)

Bedroom and bathroom combined in one photo.

Breakfast wasn't served in the hotel, but the manager pointed out a great place where we could have our meals. It was a Palm Garden. Very exotic for the Polish climate.

Breakfast place with all kind of exotic plants
and many exhibits from all over the world. Like this african symbol of fertility 

In Poznań you travel mostly by tram and we were lucky enough to have a stop close to our hotel. From there you could easily get to any part of town. In a very short period of time too. We went to the Old Town and from there we just walked and walked 'till we couldn't feel our feet any more.

The old town.
More buildings in the Old Town.    
Cathedral Island

What I liked most in Poznań though, was the Old Brewery. These days it's a shopping, art and business center. This huge building is simply wonderful. Although my hands were freezing, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. If you like you can read more about the history of this beautiful building

Here is a small sample :)

The figure on the right side is a part of the sculpture. It's on the back side.

I wish the photos were better. But there are plenty of them on the web if you're interested.
For a larger view, just click on any photo you like.  


  1. Domenika, I'm so glad you had a good trip. Now you've made me want to go to Poznan too! Kaly Chronia, Chronia Polla kai o,ti epithymeis!


    Susan from Athens

  2. Thank you so much Susan!!
    Καλή Χρονιά και σε σένα!!!!!

  3. Hii,

    Wow that looks so nice! I haven't had any time to travel outside of Berlin yet. Happy New Years to you too and I hope you guys have found a place since the last post. Send me an email sometime if you want to get coffee or something (



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