Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Now that everything is back to normal I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!! May it be a thousand times better then the previous one. I surely hope it will!!! 

It's our first Holidays away from home and to be honest it was hard. Thanks to our new friends though, we had a lovely time on Christmas Day. I'm very lucky to have met really nice people in such a short time I've been here.   

As for the New Year I want to organize both of my shops. So many things need to be done. Regarding both their image and my products. Many ideas have come to my mind and I'll try to make them happen. On more personal side I really need to get more exercise... and change my eating habits too. I'm addicted to sweets so it won't be so easy :) Once the winter is finished I think I'll get a bicycle for my everyday transportation. Sure, that will be a challenge for me, I never had one. But I guess it's never to late to learn how to ride a bicycle...

This Christmas Santa was really generous with me. I got many nice presents including a lovely box full of homemade cookies!! Yummy! One of my favorites present which I would like to share with you was a beautiful set of wooden rubber stamps. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to use them. The set comes in a wonderful  metallic box. Take a look!

Aren't these beautiful?? And they smell of wood!! Just love it!!
Thank you Mr. G.

Unfortunately I can't just jet finish my Wrapigan. Don't have the right kind of needles to knit the sleeves. So I moved on with another project. I'm knitting legwarmers for a friend in Greece. This pattern is very easy to memorize and it's a fast knit. They're almost finished now. Ends need to be weaved in so I can send them of. I hope my friend will enjoy them. It was fun knitting them.



  1. Happy New Year Dominika! Wish you all the best!

  2. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too sweetie!!

  3. Happy New Year!!
    May it be a good one!

    \I love that stamp set....

  4. The stamps are perfect!

    I also knitted this pattern for legwarmers last year in light grey. Your knitting is flawless unlike mine. I have made so many mistakes in the cables it looks like a different pattern!

  5. Happy New Year Dominika! I hope Berlin is good to you this year and I hope to see you at a knit meet soon :-)

  6. I love the leg warmers they look super comfortable! (I'm a big warmers fan, be it for legs or hands.)

    1. Thank you Karen!!
      Those were for my friend, but I have to make a pair for me too :)


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