Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days are passing by

It's a month and a half that we've come to Berlin and we still can't find an apartment. I feel a little depressed because the holidays are coming so fast. I wanted to celebrate my first Christmas here in our new home. Especially the New Year's Eve. New beginnings and stuff like that. But I know I can forget about that. I guess things will take on after the Holidays. I surely hope so!! I found myself addicted to the rental sites. Checking them out far to many times a day for new listings. I try to control myself and stay away. I miss my stuff though. Especially my sewing machine and my fabric stash. I want to start sewing again and make things.

In that spirit I got myself a few crime audio books and a lot of yarn and I knit while listening to the mysteries revealing themselves. I guess it's kinda like women used to do before tv. Listening to the radio podcasts of their favorite shows :)

yummy right??


  1. I can see you are moving fast with Mr. Kurt :)
    I hope you find an apartment fast too!

  2. I'm hocked :)

    I wish we could get over with the apartment. It's driving me crazy!! :D

  3. i am sure you'll find an apartment before Wallander fall in love with the first female to appear in a novel again :)


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