Friday, December 9, 2011

A trip to Potsdam and the fabric market

On November 6th we went to Potsdam. Big fabric market is held there twice a year or so. It's the Stoffmarkt Holland. Luckily enough we had arrived in Berlin a week before that so I didn't miss it. It was nothing like I've seen before. So many wonderful fabrics, notions, buttons, ribbons. Basically anything you want for your sewing needs. The prices were reasonable and the variety of fabrics endless. Good to know something like this exists. I wish though, this could be there every week or maybe once a month... :)

Beautiful wooden buttons!

So many buttons to choose from!

Amazing colors and patterns!!!

After we left the market we wondered around the city and ended up in the remarkable Sanssouci Park. I loved the atmosphere of this park. So peaceful and quiet. Amazing autumn colors everywhere made the scenery unforgettable. Unfortunately it was getting dark and we had to live, but I definitely want to visit this park again. So much more left to be seen. Maybe in spring, when everything will be green and blossomed.

Which way should I go next???



  1. Wow! I don't know what I'd do in a market like that!!! I think I'd just want to buy everything! Lovely blog xx

  2. I'd go berserk in a place like this!

  3. hey you, oh man that fabric markt looks to nice! I am sad that I missed out on that.

    so it was really nice meeting you at the etsy meetup, we should definitely grab a coffee sometime. I hope you find your own wohnung soon and I also added you to my blog links ;)

  4. Even i would have liked that market! The smell of new fabric have the "comfort food" effect on me.Ah! Nice boots!


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