Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flea market finds

I'm suppose to be studying for my upcoming German test at the VHS but I can't concentrate at all. I thought I would write about something pretty instead.

Last Saturday, while shopping for the ingredients for our Easter dinner Mr. G and I stopped at the Bergmanstra├če flea market. It's there on every Saturday and love visiting it. The whole area is very pretty too. With small cafes, restaurants, bio markets and of course the flea market. We weren't looking for anything in particular. I just love browsing through all the things, you never know what you can find there. This time we were lucky.

1950's stool 


Isn't this piece amazing? The seller informed us that it was from the 50's. Since I know nothing about the vintage furniture I'll take his word for this. I don't really care which year is it from, I love this stool and it fits perfect in our hall. Like it was made for it.

Corner shelf

The other thing we bought is this lovely corner shelf. I wanted it for the hall as well but it doen't fit there. That's even better because now we're going to hang it in my craft room yaaay!! All it needs is a little cleaning, maybe some paint too. I'm still debating on that.

Liqueur glasses

These little liqueur glasses are an older find. I bought them from a second hand store. They are very pretty and daintily. I've always wanted these kind of glasses. Now I have a proper excuse for drinking more liqueurs :)

Last but not least here are my new dip saucers. Ok, I have to be honest, they are brand new, but they are so cute and I just had to include them in this post. Colorful and pretty.


  1. I'm so in love with flea markets!Especially when you have the chance to buy some interesting vintage items :)

  2. Great finds!!!! I'm in love with the corner shelf!
    And I LOVE Berlin's fleamarkets!!! And also the art&crafts markets are amazing! Good luck with your German! We can trade some German for some Greek hehe ;D LOL! (I'm half Italian and half German, grew up bilingual :))

    1. Hi Anna!!
      I would definitely love to trade for some German!!
      It's a difficult one!!!


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