Monday, April 23, 2012

My new yellow top

Here is my new light yellow pullover.

I started it back in August. It was packed away with all my yarns and I forgot all about it. I found it again while rearranging my stash and had to finish it. Most of it was already done anyway. It just needed the sleeves. 

The pattern is Buckwheat by one of my favorite designers Veera Välimäki. It was clearly written and easy to follow. The only thing I don't get is how my top looks around the neck. The short rows made it pops out. I'm not really sure if it suppose to be like that, or if I made a mistake. I bet the latter is the answer to that. I don't really care that much anyway. I like it as it is and I'm going to wear it! 

It was knitted with a double string of Malabrigo Yarn Lace, which makes the top super light and soft. The  color is Pollen. It's perfect for those chilly spring days we have right now here in Berlin.   


  1. Para polu wraio!!!Bravo :)
    kai to xrwma kai h pleksh einai teleio!!!

  2. Love it! My knits never go this well...

  3. Now, that's a perfect colour, and a super lovely knit! Very well done!


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