Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's celebrate with muffins!

I'm not sure if I've got the Vintage bug or something, but when I spotted this lovely 1970's plate on DaWanda I just had to buy it. The price was very good and the lovely seller is based here in Berlin so the delivery costs and time were low and super fast.

The plate had to be celebrated of course, so I made some muffins with poppy seeds to make a good use of it. Yummy!!!

But that's not all!! A few days ago, after a coffee with my new friend Erika from Beyond Pasta, I decided to walk to my knitting meeting instead of taking the U-Bahn. It was just 4 stops anyway and I had plenty of time. I was in an area of Berlin I hadn't yet seen so the opportunity was perfect. On my way I found a second hand store with all sort of home related items. From small furniture, lamps, plates to carpets and mirrors.

I found many beautiful pieces. Unfortunately I didn't have that much money with me. I did buy something though. Couldn't just leave like that... I found this small beautiful painting and it was love at first sight. It's just a painting of a vase with flowers but I love how vivid the colors are. And the frame is amazing too. It's only 31 x 26 cm which makes it perfect for the place that I have in mind for it. I'll just have to fix the back of the frame a little because it's moving and that's it.  

Mr. G didn't like my new painting that much... He said it looks like a granny thing, but I disagree. It makes me happy looking at it.


  1. αχ τετοιους πινακες κανει και η μαμα μου! :)

    1. Άντε ρε! Καλλιτέχνης η μαμά!
      Κάνε κανένα αφιέρωμα να δούμε!! :)

  2. They look so nice! Great job

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  3. you rock! we Will get together as soon as I return!

  4. you rock! we Will get together as soon as I return!


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