Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blue skirt

The project I was working on is finished!!! yaaaaay! Ok, it's been finished for some days now but I had no time to take photos and write about it until now. I am really proud of myself because this is the very first wearable garment I have made!! There were some dresses in the past but very simple ones. The kind you make with 2 rectangulars and an elastic thread.

This skirt have it all (for a beginner sewist like me that is). It has pockets, pleats, waistband and of course the most important... the zipper!! Zipper was always my biggest fear. I have sewed zipper pouches but never a garment. Thanks to Tasia's great tutorial I managed to do it without a single tear!! I did break the zipper foot in the process though, but I continued to sew with it anyway!

I used the pattern 104 A from the February 2010 issue of Burda Style magazine. This is the kind of skirt I usually like to wear. 

Because burda's sizes are often off for my kind of body, I made the first skirt a trial one out of some left overs I had in my stash. This trial skirt is a clear evidence of my OCD :) I just couldn't let it unfinished. In the beginning I was trying to figure out what to do. It just didn't work. ahmm... the problem was that I had not cut all the pieces of the pattern... I had forgotten the facing of the pockets. After I realize that, things moved a lot faster. Although I made a lot of mistakes and had to rip the whole thing twice I think. It wasn't pretty at all!! There were pieces of fabric and thread all over me. Including my hair! But hours later I had something that looked like a skirt!! I knew what I had to fix and what changes to do, so the skirt would fit me the way I wanted it to.

The fabric I used for the final skirt is a cotton linen blend in navy blue. It was in my stash for more than a year now and I've used it before to sew belt pouches for my etsy shop. It costed 1 euro per meter from my favorite discount fabric store in Athens. I bought more than 3 meters at the time. This fabric has a nice quality and is very easy to work with. For the openings of the pockets I used floral bias tape. I made the skirt in size 36 except for the waistband which is size 38. 

I must give a huuuuuge thanks to my dear friend Cristina, who helped me a loooot!! She answered of all my questions, doesn't matter how silly they were, with a great patience. 

I want to make more skirts with this pattern. 


  1. Nice first skirt!
    Always happy to help people learn to sew :)

  2. the skirt is adorable! i have an irrational fear of making something from scratch. ive only ever modified items, i should conquer my fear at some point.


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