Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy name day to meeee

Today is my name day. Since my name is Polish and very weird for greek standards not so many people remembered me on this day :) Only my closest friends used to call and even some of them I had to remind :) This year it's just me and Mr. G and I want to celebrate it over a nice dinner and a good wine. 

But let me share with you my gifts this year. The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook,

a sewing pattern from Colette, the lovely Crepe (can't wait to try this out),

and the most important one...... A ticket to PEARL JAM CONCERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaay!!!

Pearl Jam is my favorite band e v e r !!!! I follow them since the very beginning! I was very very happy to learn that they were going to play in Berlin, and also so close to my name day too. A special gift for Domi!!!! The concert was on Wednesday, July 4th and it was amazing. They played for more than 2 hours, almost all of my favorite songs and I loved it!! The atmosphere was incredible. I sang along (sorry to the quiet girl sitting next to me...) and dance the whole time.

I wish I was right there in the front row... aaaahhhh....

Here is the setlistI've been playing it over and over for 2 days now :)

A huuuuge thank you to Mr G ♥♥♥

p.s. I just discovered and really like it. Many cool things may be found there. 

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