Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing for baby Ona and the winner of my giveaway

My dear friend Silvia is having her first baby and it's going to be a girl yaaay.

I wanted to make something nice for her, so after browsing the internet I found a lot of lovely patterns and tutorials for baby things. The choices were endless but here are some pictures of what I actually made.

I used this pattern

I used this tutorial

I used this tutorial. I had this fabric for years. It's super soft.
I'm glad I got the chance to use it!

pattern info. I loved working with this yarn!

Sewing baby things is so much fun!! You can use super cute fabrics and the project is finished in no time. I hope baby Ona will enjoy them. 

I made almost everything using Roger :) My brand new serger which Mr. G gave me for Christmas. I'm still learning how to use it properly, but sewing with Roger is fast and fun!

And now the winner of last week's giveaway. There were only two candidates... And the winner is...

Congratulations Rachael!! Have fun with the book!! 


  1. Such adorable creations for baby! You are making me miss sewing such sweet stuff!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!
      Baby things are such a fast and cute projects!

  2. συγνώμη, αλλά πρέπει να στο γράψω στα ελληνικά:
    δεν υπάρχεις!!!!!!!


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