Friday, March 1, 2013

Serious ugly

When we first moved into this apartment I was really happy. I liked the apartment itself, but also the view form my craft room and bedroom windows was very nice. There where some tall trees and even a small nest on one of them. Many different kinds of birds would come very close to my window. In spring these trees were very busy :) It was nice, and seeing all this activity made me happy.

This is how my view used to look like.
Can you spot the little nest on the left side picture?

But unfortunately all of this changed. In October or November we learnt that a huge apartment building was going to be build. Since there was a tall brick wall and some abandoned buildings between us and the land where the building was going to be, we thought that the construction site would only reach the wall. Well, we were wrong!

A few days ago they knock down the wall, as well as the abandoned buildings. Every day I would look outside my window and say "Not the trees, just leave the trees". Yesterday they took down the trees too! It was awful. I could't stand the sound of the trees being so violently breaking.  

Here is how my view looks like since yesterday...

I really don't understand what happend! If you take a look at the maquette they hang before the constructions began, you'll see all "green" and "pretty". So why couldn't they just integrate those trees into the design? There weren't that many of them anyway! The maquette actually call the project "Green Houses" showing "green" on the terraces and balconies of this building.

For me that's just a parody and a deceit...   


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